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2013 International Queer Tango Festival Seattle

IT’S HERE IT’S HERE IT’S FINALLY HERE. That project I’ve been working on for soooooo looooooong….

Purchase yo tix!

01:40 pm, highwaydandy
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I think I’ll be doing tango drills all day, in my heels.

04:59 pm, highwaydandy

This is just fucking paradise.

03:20 pm, highwaydandy
See you soon, San Francisco.

Here’s to hoping my right sacroiliac joint doesn’t EXPLODE in a gory mess of connective and muscle tissue.

02:21 pm, highwaydandy
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I danced with the lovely girl in this video, last night.

Her leading is absolutely exquisite.

02:22 pm, highwaydandy
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I need to take more milonga classes as a lead… Mmmm.

02:41 am, highwaydandy
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LOOK. It’s me! And I’m dancing tango. I’m the tall blonde one, in case you couldn’t tell.

Christ, it’s painful to watch oneself dance…

03:32 am, highwaydandy
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So, tonight, this guy who’s flashy as all hell and dances tango … semi-professionally, at least (he dances at this big show that comes around fairly often, with pricey ticket sales), asked me to dance. Like, I kind of despise him just because I’m so damned jealous. And I figured I’d NEVER dance with him.

Seems I was mistaken?

It was pretty awesome. Even though half the shit he threw at me I couldn’t follow. And he was moving so fast that the entire room was literally a blur, except for him.

At the end of the second song? He said “Beautiful.”

What a wonderful thing to say.

Heart’s a flutter.

05:41 am, highwaydandy
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So, I just got back…

… From a tango house party.

And it was so fantastic.

I never quite realized how good of taste my tango teacher had until I started despising all of the music most everyone else plays at the milongas. And the music tonight… Augh. I honestly don’t think there was a song I didn’t enjoy. And I pretty much danced all night.

Tight, crowded space. Low lighting. Fantastic company. So many dancers on the floor. At first it was a little nerve-wracking, but then it became so much more intimate and enjoyable. Doing crazy moves with limited space is pretty damn thrilling, though at times I thought I might get a heel impaling my Achilles. I only led a few songs, but even that was enjoyable — Playing around with the floorcraft, only having enough room for one step in front and behind me.

Can’t come down.